Benefits of Refined Water For Your Home 

Benefits of softened water in your home

Here are six reasons to use EcoWater

Longer lasting Fixtures and Appliances

EcoWater Systems refiners protect your water fixtures and appliances. Refined water prevents scale build up on your dishwasher, washing machine, and evaporative cooler. Of course, EcoWater will also save you all the time you waste cleaning hard water stains from your sinks, glass shower doors, dishes, toilet bowl, windows, etc.

Clean Water Heater and Pipes

EcoWater Systems refiners prevent scale from building up in your water heater. Softened water will not only prevent scale from accumulating in your plumbing, but will reverse the effects of hard water on your pipes and appliances that already have scale and soap scum buildup.

 Increased Energy Efficiency 

EcoWater Systems refiners can reduce your energy bill.  According to a Water Quality Association Report, both standard (tanked) and instantaneous (tankless) water heaters work significantly better, resulting in lower natural gas use and therefore, cost savings.

Less Soap Use with Better Cleaning

EcoWater Systems refiners will reduce your laundry detergent usage 3-7 fold; and achieve the same stain removal action with warm water as with hot water. Your dishwasher will also clean better and use less detergent, saving you even more.

Longer Lasting, Better looking Clothes

Your clothes will last 30% to 50% longer and be softer, whiter, and brighter with EcoWater. Your blacks will not turn grey and colors will not fade nearly as fast. Besides saving money, you will like your clothes more using softened and dechlorinated water.

Refiners vs Softeners

Our systems are more efficient, remove more foreign substances (like iron), are more intelligent, last far longer, and have a vastly superior warranty. This is why EcoWater systems refiners are not called "water softeners."

Save money with soft water