More About EcoWater

Hard water concentration across the USA

Limited Warranty

If you live in the Southwest USA, you likely have very hard water. Conventional water softeners are less effective in this environment, do not remove chlorine, red iron or manganese, and do not last nearly as long as Ecowater refiners.


For the LIFETIME of the original owner EcoWater Systems LLC guarantees that the brine tank and the mineral tank will not will not rust, corrode, leak, burst, or fail.


Models designated "ERR" have a LIFETIME warranty on the resin (media) bed to remove hardness and chlorine.


And for a period of TEN (10) years the valve body will be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

And for a period of FIVE (5) years the electronics will be free of defects and workmanship.


An EXTENDED ("Perfect 10") parts only warranty is also available for the electronic components for $399 or FREE depending on other discounts made available.

NOTE: We always provide a complete copy of our warranty.

Assurance Guarantee

In addition to the regular factory guarantee, We offer a further assurance guarantee:

After the purchase and installation of any EcoWater unit, the customer has 45 days from the date of installation to compare this unit with other brands.


If, by that time, said customer can locate better validated equipment of a different brand for less money with as strong a guarantee from a bona fide Original Equipment Manufacturer that is more efficient by specifications, the dealer will not only refund the customer's purchase price but customer may keep the EcoWater equipment.


Retail costs can range from $1590 to $8490 depending on your specific needs. Determining your requirements is why you need an in-home demonstration and water test.